Simple Strawberry Cake

Make the most of strawberry season with this delicious Strawberry cake. This is the easiest one bowl cake recipe you could find, and the best way to add your strawberries to your baking!

Simple Strawberry Cake

I don't have a 9" inch tin

I used a 9” cake tin, but you can still bake this cake if you don't have one this size. Whilst you can use a larger or smaller one just be mindful you may have to reduce or increase the bake time. A larger tin will make the cake shallower and it may bake faster, whilst a smaller tin will be deeper and therefore may take longer to bake all the way through. If at any point the top seems to be browning a little too fast, cover with kitchen foil for the remaining bake time.

When is strawberry season in the UK?

Whilst you can buy strawberries all year round they are at their very best duing the months of June and July. Other times of the year they are mostly imported and lack that sweet juicy flavour that British seasonal strawberries have.