The Easiest Lemon & Almond Self Saucing Pudding

This makes a lovely summer dessert, and can be served with fresh cream, ice cream or even some fresh summer berries! It magically creates its own sauce as it bakes, with a lovely light sponge pudding style top layer.

The Easiest Lemon & Almond Self Saucing Pudding

What other flavour self saucing pudding can I make?

You can swap the lemon for orange, lime or even grapefruit as an easy like-for-like substitute. You could also make it chocolate by adding 25g of cocoa powder with the flour - chocolate and orange would be a great combo! You can swap the almond extract for any flavour of your choice, and any chopped or sliced nuts to top.

Self saucing lemon pudding in a square Mason Cash 16cm white roasting dish fresh from the oven and ready to serve
This Self Saucing Lemon & Almond Pudding is a great light summertime dessert.

What sized dish do I need?

I baked this in the 16cm Mason Cash Classic Square Dish and found this was the perfect size for 4 servings. Feel free to double this if you are feeding a crowd or want to make sure you have leftovers for later!